Exersides Timeline

The Exersides Refraint system is the result of Dr. Pavini’s quest to develop a way for patients who have vital tubes and lines to safely maintain arm movement and cognition in order to improve short and long-term outcomes.

In 2015 she began researching design concepts and gathering feedback from nurses, and physical & occupational therapists.

In 2016 the first prototype was manufactured.

In 2017 she performed a Pilot study with that prototype.

In 2018 she assembled a world-class research team and was awarded a NIH grant to produce and test a revised prototype.

In 2019 a NIH trial was successfully completed. FDA registration was obtained and a patent was granted in the US and internationally.

In 2020 the NIH granted Healthy Design another award, called the CALMER project – COVID Associated Lightning Manufacture of Exersides Refraints – specifically to enhance production efforts in time for COVID, to assist with decreased sedation usage and decreased agitation in the face of decreased family visitation and staff availability. The Remote Mobility Coach platform is created to educate and support hospital staff remotely.

2021: Launch

2022: NIH CRP award

Founder & C4

(Chief Culture Change Catalyst)

Marie Pavini MD FCCM FCCP

Assistant Professor of Research: University of Vermont College of Medicine; Clinical Assistant Professor of Critical Care Medicine: New England College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Marie is an ICU Physician and inventor of the Exersides Refraint.

Healthy Design Team

Stephen Flint

Executive Vice President of Product Development

Arooj Fatima MD

Remote Mobility Coach Director

Thomas Lichtman

Vice President Manufacturing

Cortni Kapitanski

Quality, Regulatory and Business Process Administrator

Erica Caetano

Production and Operations Manager

Nate Gariepy

Product Development Engineer


Clinical Development Manager

Marcie Bergen RN CCRN

Clinical Training & Site Support

Nancy Meszaros BSN RN CIC

Clinical Education

Richard Merrifield MBA


Amadeu Pavini Jr. M.Ed


Michael Rosen PhD

Academic Liaison

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